La qualità della didattica percepita dagli studenti: progetto e sperimentazione di un questionario di valutazione per singolo docente

Laura Deidda, Roberta Gonnella, Cecilia Pizzi, Carla Siccardi, Nicola Vanacore


Introduction. This research is aimed at the formulation of a tool able to detect the quality of teaching in higher education as perceived by the students in a statistically significant manner. In many university faculties there are integrated courses in wich all teaching is done by multiple professors. The assessment, on the contrary, is made by means of a questionnaire that refers to every integrated course as a whole. Based on our experimental research we propose the use of a questionnaire for individual teacher evaluation during the whole 3-years of the bachelor degree in physiotherapy. 
Material and methods. The experimental survey of faculty assessment consists of nine items that mainly investigate the educational field. Testing of the questionnaire lasted three academic years. 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, the survey forms were dispensed to the same students at the end of each semester for three years of the bachelor degree courses in physiotherapy of “Sapienza” University, in the department situated in S. Camillo-Forlanini Hospital. We analyzes a total of about 900 questionnaires.
Results. The statistical analysis performed on the questionnaires identified the most significant items with P<0,05, moreover the post hoc analysis performed on different groups of teachers showed statistical significance.
Conclusions. In ascending mode from 1st to 3rd year all items become significant as tools of quality perception by the students underlying the importance and utility of our questionnaire.


student satisfaction; quality of teaching; evaluation in higher education; data collection; research studies

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