The educational core competencies of a coordinator: an observational study

Giulia Franceschini, Susi Girotti, Gilda Pelusi


Background. Operational unit coordinators contribute to the realization of continuing professional development events and facilitate the learning process within the organization.
Objectives. Evaluating coordinators’ pedagogical competencies.
Design. An observational study has been conducted with the purpose of having healthcare coordinators undergo a self-evaluation process, analyzing their pedagogical knowledge and skills by means of a questionnaire.
Setting. The framework was “Ospedali Riuniti” University Hospital Trust, Ancona, Italy.
Participants. This study involved healthcare coordinators at Ancona’s “Ospedali Riuniti” University Hospital Trust. 68 out of 86 coordinators took part in the study.
Methods. An observational study has been conducted by means of a questionnaire called “Core Competencies of Nurse Educators with Task Statements”.
Results. Average values for knowledge and skills range between 2.70 and 3.07, with an average score of 2.89 for knowledge and 2.86 for skills (79.1% response rate).
Conclusions. Self-evaluated knowledge and skills are good, especially in theoretical setting.


education; nurse manager; competence; evaluation

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