Formare alla competenza narrativa nelle professioni sanitarie: prospettive d’intervento

Sabina Colombini, Gruppo NARRAVITA


The NARRAVITA team: Since 2013, the Multi-professional and Multidisciplinary team NARRAVITA (ASLTO4 - IVREA) has been working to raise awareness and spread the use of narrative medicine models to nursing processes. Introduction: National and international scientific literature still has many “grey areas” regarding the concept of narrative competences and how to apply them in heathcare training. Defining the specific competences (and practical skills) which need to be mastered and implemented in order make healthcare more effective has become an imperative. Identifying these skills is essential when designing training courses for students and healthcare staff. Discussion: Training using narrative competences means promoting a fuller awareness and knowledge of a set of communicative, relational, emotional and cognitive skills. Collecting and analysing narratives produced by the assisted person enable heathcare workers and identify which of them can be used to construct an effective and shared care pathway. The Narravita team’s work focuses on an analysis of recent literature on narrative skills training. While the literature contains no clear indications of what narrative competences are exactly, there are recurring nodes that will enable us to outline some indispensable skills and skill sets to be studied. Conclusions: The Narravita team intends to examine both the data emerging from specialised scientific literature as well as related beliefs, knowledge and experiences of operators. The latter will be invaluable in substantiating and/or completing what emerges in the literature. Integrating the two perspectives will help to identify the best criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of healthcare training paths.


narrative medicine; narrative skills; training; adult education

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