Viaggio esplorativo nei bisogni di formazione della medicina generale in previsione dei nuovi assetti organizzativi

Maria Milano, Simonetta Miozzo


Background. A practice-based learning, realized for all the 430 GPs of Local Health Authority TO3, highlighted problems related to the difficulty of being group and working as such. To focus these issues, it was organized an “Outdoor Training Experience” addressed to their representatives of the Regional Team, identified as facilitators between GPs. At the end of the course it was given an interview to explore the related lived experiences. Method. The rich texts of the answers of the narrative interview were analysed with Conventional Content Analyses, in triangulation between the two authors, in order to find generalizable categories and meanings. Result. Four main areas were identified: 17% of reports about communication and team building, 25% team working and problem solving, 10% proactivity / creativity, 48% leadership. All these areas were under articu-
lated in critical issues and solutions. Reported as significant elements: awareness of the role, development of teamwork and ability to listen to everyone with respect, learning from the mistake and development of hetero centrism. Two conflicting lines of thought were revealed: the priority is the group over targets versus using the group to achieve the objective. Conclusion. Experience has shown that it is possible to learn to cope with complex relational situations and bring out also not aware training needs, worthy of attention and care: it could be that the issue of pro-activity / creativity, fundamental in impending reorganization of the GPs, may have been considered less significant because it needs more time for reflection and processing.


Training Needs Assessment; Qualitative Content Analysis; General Practice

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