La comunicazione dell’evento critico: esperienza di un laboratorio didattico con gli studenti di Infermieristica dell’Università di Perugia

Mirella Giontella, Sabrina Adami


In this article there’a a report of an experience with the third year nursing registred degree student’s of Perugia’s University, addressed to check communication skills in emotional impact situation’s. the work has been characterized from a didactics which brings these together and improves them considerably three types of educational opportunities : theory, laboratories, and clinical activity. Then, the communication skills acquisition is an extension of the classroom training, but it’s also a personal development through field training, a reflection of themselves on, on the personal way to communicate with the patient’s with the laboratory work. Basis of ‘learning by doing’it has been proposed an initial reflection on the communication issues and helping relationship, arriving to the acquisition of an awareness of interpersonal skills.


communication skills; learning by doing; metacompetence

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