Università-Ospedale. Piccola storia di un’alleanza pedagogica

Franca Parizzi, Cesare Ghitti, Gabriella Tornotti, Ambrogina Pirola, Giuseppe Masera


The activity of the Pediatric Clinic of Monza starts in 1984 and in the same year the Italian Society of Medical Education is founded. Not just a coincidence in time, but the beginning of a significant collaboration that allowed us to apply innovative programs and didactic methods. The limited human resources (totally hospital staff and only one university apical figure) was not an obstacle, but an opportunity to introduce effective pedagogical methods avoiding the resistance to change consolidated educational habits. Our target priority was the education of students to become doctors/pediatricians not just at hospital, but also in family pediatrics, to provide them a broad view of the problems of child health and make them able to manage their continuing education in a future of rapid and continuous changes and progress of Medicine and Pediatrics. Problem Solving was applied not only in lessons and tutorial groups, but in clinical practice too, and was deeply rooted, as evidenced by the comments of some of them, now pediatricians. Our experience is a small model of integration between Hospital and University, that we tried to promote to a wider reality, realizing a meeting of reflection which involved hospital and university doctors and administrative heads of the hospital and the university. Our aim is far from being realized and is still a utopia, but we need utopia to walk…


innovative educational training in pediatrics; problem solving; teaching hospital; integration university-hospital

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/Tutor-20445

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