Temi ricorrenti in racconti relativi all’esperienza di malattia oncologica: analisi del testo letterario

Giulia Ortez, Raffaella Valente, Barbara Muzzatti


Background. The essential professional caring of oncological patients includes problems and risks concerning emotional and affective sphere: these occur from the beginning – diagnosis -, during the treatments and the disease staging, until heal or nunc dimittis. The narrative based medicine represents not only a cultural wealth, but especially the human dimension in a holistic approach to health, as well as it should improve treatment adherence and support cancer patient.
Materials and methods. Nine stories (5 for the section Patients and 4 for the section Operators), which won the second edition of literary award “Scriviamoci con cura: un racconto per levare l’ancora con la scrittura” (2013), were analyzed. For each tale the main themes and metaphors were extracted following structural analysis.
Results. The experience of cancer depicted by the tales analyzed appears much more varied (and not only of negative meaning) than the experience of cancer generally described in the scientific literature.
Conclusions. Along the route of the disease not only suffering is experienced, but an emotional force of resistance is developed, which gives positive ideas, humor and imagination. The meeting between medicine and literature does not simply mean make to the practice of health care look prettier, but to bring it back to its original purpose: to be a medicine for man.


cancer; recurrent themes; nursing; narrative based medicine

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