Il modello della Group Care. Verso una teoria della formazione

Stefano Merlo, Olga Durando, Marina Trento


To develop pedagogic interventions within a health care delivery context one needs to take into account the theory and practice of educating people, taken both as individuals and members of society. Current knowledge on the most appropriate methodologies to deliver education must be reconsidered. Pedagogy is key to harmonize such knowledge and, as such, stands up as a science in itself with its own epistemologic status. It allows to select what belongs to the field of education and what does not, within the realms of other disciplines. The clinico-pedagogic model of Group Care was developed within such framework, to harmonise pedagogical expertise and clinical needs with the ultimate aim of helping people with a chronic disease to retrace their own identity despite illness.


Group Care; chronic diseases; Type and Type 1 diabetes; self-management education model

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