Descrizione del ruolo e delle competenze percepite dai tutor clinici del Corso di Laurea in Infermieristica di Torino: studio osservazionale

Walter Cortassa, Lorenza Garrino, Patrizia Massariello, Valerio Dimonte


Background: In the last few years various meaningful education strategies have been implemented to enhance teaching skills in order to follow students in their clinical training. The aim of this study was to describe the role and skills perceived by the preceptor during students’ clinical training. Methods and Participants: The study was carried out at the Undergraduate Nursing Degree Course, University of Turin, on the whole population of clinical tutors, including all the clinical tutors having this role between December 2011 and February 2012. A questionnaire, in line with the literature concerning a tutor’s role, was used. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics. Results: One hundred and fifty five out of 217 tutors responded. Perceived and declared skill levels proved to be in a range between 3.3. and 4.2 (Likert scale 1-5). The survey shows perceived skill levels with some variability in the use of teaching strategies and education tools available. Conclusion: The results have provided possible implications for planning education events. Some aspects in detail such as bibliographic research, role of the supervising tutor, care of the formative setting need to be developed. Further investigations are undoubtedly necessary to examine providing feedback, personal motivations, workload, re-elaborating experiences, even via observation points and triangulation of data collection. The survey on the consequences of training in clinical practice remains a highly complex matter for research which is continually developing and remains a constant challenge for the training of the trainers.


clinical tutor; preceptorship; skills; perceptions; education nursing

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