e-Learning e formazione universitaria nelle scienze mediche: indagine qualitativa su opinioni e aspettative di Docenti e Studenti

Vassilios Papaspyropoulos, Lilia Biscaglia, Eleonora Gargiulo, Gianfranco Tarsitani, Giuseppe Familiari, Patrizia Cosenza


Introduction. The development of Information and Communication Technology is a challenge for university education in medical sciences. This study, sponsored and coordinated by the “Giovanni D’Addona” Remote Teaching Unit of the Sapienza – University of Rome, aims to provide useful indications for the implementation of e-Learning methodologies in medical sciences. Materials and methods. This qualitative study examined the opinions, attitudes and experiences of a sample of teachers, researchers and students of the Faculties of Medicine and Health Professions of the Sapienza - University of Rome. Focus groups, interviews and open-ended questions were used for data collection. A content analysis was performed with the aim of data reduction, naming data, obtaining analytical code and determining categories and themes. Results. The analysis revealed four main themes regarding the implementation of e-Learning methodologies in the study context. These were: advantages and potential of e-Learning, limitations, organizational constraints and prospects of e-Learning. Conclusions. In undergraduate medical education, traditional on-site learning is fundamental for clinical practice. The development of e-Learning methodologies allow to respond to changing educational needs of students and organizational requirements of the specific university context. The introduction of a blended learning approach requires organizational changes as well as modifications to the current teaching paradigms, with the involvement of professionals specialized in e-Learning methodologies.


e-Learning; medical education; computer-assisted learning; blended learning

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