Stress percepito e sintomatico nel tirocinio del corso di laurea in infermieristica: studio descrittivo. Lo stress del tirocinante in infermieristica

Jessica Braccagni, Enkeleda Dule, Davide Lastrucci, Maurilio Pallassini


Introduction. For students in Nursing high levels of stress have been documented that can lead to illness, risk- ing behaviors and increased accident rates. In addition to the usual sources of academic stress the training seems to affect assistance to terminally ills, conflicts, interpersonal problems and work overload. The aim of this study to measure stress levels in students during the training and to identify possible risk factors. Materials and methods. A descriptive study design is used. The research was carried out by collecting data on a sample of 154 students in two models of self assessment, Symptoms of Stress Table and Perceived Stress Scale. Results. Raised frequency of fatigue and anxiety as well as tension perception, inability to fulfill commitments and feeling that not to be able to overcome difficulties were detected. More than half of students declare not to believe in own abilities and more than one-third believe that they could not control the events. Conclusions. In this population stress seems quite widespread. Likely risk factors were identified in some personal factors, in females, in young people and, with lesser certainty, in commuting.


stress symptoms; stress perception; clinical training; nursing students

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