L’abilità di Decision Making dello studente infermiere e la soddisfazione degli utenti: l’esperienza del Corso di Laurea in Infermieristica di Torino

S. Facco, M. Milan, P. Massariello, L. Cirio, V. Mussa, V. Dimonte


Introduction. The objectives of a clinic stage were to measure the ability of Decision Making in the 3rd year students before and after stage, where structured educational and tutorial strategies were adopted and to evaluate the level of satisfaction perceived by hospitalized patients. Materials and methods. The study presented is quasi-experimental pre-post. The sample consisted of 14 students of the 3rd year who were asked to produce six clinical cases, for a total of 84 planning assistance both before and after the clinical stage. During the stage clinical case discussions led by the tutor, briefing and debriefing sessions once a week were conducted and the nursing care has been delivered on care plans constructed by the students. The assessment of the degree of user satisfaction was performed using the Newcastle Satisfaction with Nursing Scales questionnaire, administered both during the internship of students, that in a later date. Results. Students have shown an increase from 19% to 69% in the ability to recognize the priority issues in the post-test as well as relevant interventions, which have grown from 24 to 33%. The related factors and defining characteristics are improved at the limit of statistical significance. Patients were fully satisfied by the students support they received during the clinic stage, but also by the standard care delivered during their absence. Conclusions. The educational and tutorial strategies experienced seem to be significantly related to the ability of Decision Making. The place of training for nursing students has proven to be an effective model of care.


problem solving; decision making; customer/patient satisfaction; nursing care; nurse student

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