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Note biografiche 4 Best Sleep Trackers for Android Users from Apk Store

It is undeniable that a good sleep plays an important role in people’s life. If you are looking for one app that can help maintain a good sleeping habit and therefore sleep better, look at the following information to find out 4 best sleep trackers on Android. Here we go! Visit our App Apk Download at to download these apps and experience!
Sleep As Android
Sleep As Android is one of the early applications of sleep monitoring, integrated with many methods to help users easily go to sleep. When setting up alarms as well as reminders, this application will automatically wake you up gently to switch from sleep state to dynamic state.
In addition, the attraction of Sleep As Android is that it is integrated with sleep quality monitoring, recording when snoring or talking, providing a chart of sleep history. 
Besides sleep monitoring and analysis, Sleep As Android also has binaural audio versions to help you sleep better and faster. The app also has an alarm with many of its own "tricks", helping you wake up faster.  This app supports Android Wear, Galaxy Gear and more. Do not hesitate to download Sleep As Android from our store and you will not be disappointed with its features.

Main features:
Track sleep cycles and wake up
Notice the time to sleep
The natural sound that makes users quickly fall asleep
Captcha: Wake up on time (QR code, NFC tag, shake phone, math)
Polite alarm, wake up with natural, light playlists
Record speech, snore and noise parameters in the room when sleeping
Tips for sleeping, reviews and tags....
Alarm clock: Easily set the alarm time, text-to-speech or manually enter, use multiple alarms with different settings
Monitor sleep and sleep parameters: Monitor sleep cycles through graphics, monitor sleep deficit, smart wake and measure the sleep quality.
Runtastic Sleep Better
Sleep Better is an application of technology firm Runtastic (Austria) specializing in health and fitness monitoring applications. This is a very useful tool if you want to get a good sleep and be comfortable when getting up.
This application will monitor breathing, movements during your sleep, thereby assessing sleep quality of users. Based on external factors such as drinking coffee before sleeping, sleeping in strange beds and so on, users will know how the quality of their sleep is affected in order to have adjustments at the next sleep.
Especially, Sleep Better has an intelligent alarm function, based on the sleep cycle to generate an alarm at the time the user can wake up more easily and be less tired. This will help users not get tired when waking up every morning.

The usage of Sleep Better is quite simple. Before starting sleep, you activate the application to set up. From the main interface, you set the time period in which you want to wake up tomorrow. The application will work similarly as an alarm tool for users.
After waking up in the morning, the application will show the user's sleep time, rest time before falling asleep, deep sleep time, sleep time, amount of sleep and so on. By this way, it gives information about the sleep quality. As its name, you will definitely have better sleep by owning this app on your device. Download this app from our Apk downloader apk to enjoy now!
Sleep Tracker
Sleep Tracker is as simple as its name, a basic sleep monitoring application. Similar to other applications, Sleep Tracker also has an analysis chart for each of your sleep. One significant feature of this sleep app is that it helps measure heart rate during sleep, measure breathing rate and a number of awakenings. Users can also choose the white sound to get deeper sleep and set the alarm at the desired time. You may also have the option of getting a morning sleep notice.
Since the built-in automatic tracking feature, the Sleep Tracker is capable of monitoring both naps and night sleeps as well as adjusting tracking mode in case any errors occur. All tracking data such as heart rate, sleep time, deep sleep time, wake-up time will be automatically synced to Apple Health.
Sleep tracker also has a 1-month free version and paid version yearly. If you are looking for an application with a simple, straightforward interface and automatic tracking, Sleep Tracker will be a perfect choice. Download Sleep Tracker to enjoy amazing benefits it brings to your sleep habit in particular and your health in general.

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle is an extremely smart sleep monitoring application based on your phone's motion sensor to recognize your movement at sleep, analyze when you are in deep sleep state or when you are dreaming to play the alarm sound appropriately, help you wake up easily without fatigue.
The app can evaluate sleep effectiveness through graphs while adding comparisons to average numbers in countries. One noteworthy point is the app's smart alarm capability. 
When analyzing, Sleep Cycle will wake you up to a time when it thinks you are ready to wake up, helping to limit the weariness of users who wake up at the wrong time.
No need to combine with smart bracelets, Sleep Cycle sleep monitoring and analysis application can still detect whether you are deep asleep or awake to choose the appropriate alarm time.
More especially, Sleep Cycle closely monitors your every slight movement while sleeping by using extremely responsive motion sensors on your phone. Besides, the sleep cycle then will be optimized to wake you up to the most reasonable time. It is a perfect choice for you to wake up in a good mood! Why do not give it a try?
In short, there are a lot of persuasive reasons why you need to own a sleep tracker for your Android device. Let these smart apps bring to you better sleep and then improve your physical condition. Click here to grab more apps and games for Android. Cheers!

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