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Jaytol Kte

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Ping-Pong was once seen as apparel schy and embarrassing to play with but has since been embraced by downtowners observing their escape from the burbs. (See also: grilled cheese sandwiches, board sport pubs, picnicking, etc.) First arrived Spin Toronto, a King West club specializing in the paddle arts. And the sport has a concrete symbol of its revival: nine parks and public spaces across the city have permanent Ping-Pong tables. They seem somewhat like minimalist sculptures, price $6,200 to develop and install, and also have a metallic net ridge to get a web--you have to bring your paddles and balls. The tables are the brainchild of Dianne Moore, a Forest Hill Rotarian who requested a concrete company to design and build a prototype, and with that, managed to acquire community groups and like-minded councillors. Funded by various means--private contributions, development costs, infusions from the current parks and rec budget--the tables began going in last summer, and have already given spaces as visually unforgiving as Mel Lastman Square as well as remote as Scarborough's Tall Pines Park a dose of quirk. More are in the works, which means pock-pock-pock will soon be the new sound of the summer. 

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