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Skateboarding is a 3 billion dollar per year industry. In the U.S., 200 different companies manufacture skateboards. Each and
every month, all skateboard decks and 50000 wheels are fabricated. Twenty percent of all teenagers own a skateboard.

Skateboarding is the sixth biggest participant sport in the U.S., and at the last 10 years has climbed 106%. It boasts the maximum
growth rate of any game.

Admits that skateboarding is a safe game. Skateboarders are less likely to need urgent medical care than participants in baseball,
basketball, football, volleyball and soccer.

Most skateboarders are 7 to 16 years old. And they are intelligent. They're good pupils, making better than average grades in
school. According to the Skate Park Association of the United States, skateboarders' favourite subjects in school are Art and
Music. And most importantly, less than one % use medication. They favor skateboarding to illegal pharmaceutical products.

All those details add up to one thing: skateboarding is good. Skateboarding is healthful.

It may well be asked how, from over 200 hundred companies that Create skateboards, one can isolate one specific brand and identify
it as unique. In accordance with Ladonna Asseng of Wood Pushers, it is not as difficult as it appears. "There are only three or
four companies which make professional-quality decks," said Ladonna. She moved on to name the companies -- the Big Four. "NHS,
Deluxe, Skate One, and a firm Named KO."

You are able to add one more name to the record -- Struggle Skateboards. Struggle is A boutique board manufacturer situated in El
Centro, California. They make elite decks for upper echelon skaters.

Struggle produces their decks exactly the Exact Same manner That the Big Four do, from 7-ply maple wood, utilizing epoxy resin
instead of glue. Which means Struggle decks display excellent "pop." Struggle also sees to it that their decks have profound
'pockets' therefore the skater can acquire bewitching 'reverse' on demand.

Ruben Najera is your super-skateboarder overseeing Struggle Skateboards . Ruben delivered the reviewer A deck to try-out. The
'Holiday' model, which includes a stylized, full spectrum chic picture screened on its bottom. Ever since yours truly -- the
reviewer -- can hardly walk down the street without tripping over his own feet, he recruited Andrew Charles Van Gorkum as test

Andrew is a 13-year old skate-o-holic, who lives at the local Skate park. After prolonged 'thrashing,' that involved a string of
gravity defying maneuvers followed by loudly thwacking noises, Andrew stopped, adroitly resulted in the deck to leap from the
floor into his palms, and gave his monosyllabic conclusion.

'Sick' is skater slang for totally awesome. When pressed for Further details, Andrew added, "It's great pop. And the pockets are
hecka-righteous. This deck kicks Creature's butt!" With that, Andrew 'dropped in' and has been gone, riding down a near vertical
surface into a deep trough, then up the opposing wall.

You can not ask for a better recommendation than that. Riding A Struggle deck is like driving a Lamborghini -- hot, blue and
righteous. And it gets you noticed!

Struggle Skateboards has Three distinct versions of decks out there. Each one is for cream of the crop skaters. No weenies
allowed. They also make their own grip tape, belts, T-shirtssunglasses, hats and sunglasses. And their rates are low-spark when
compared with the scandalous sums their opponents are asking.

About the Rate-O-Meter, that ranges from 1 star (sad) to 5 stars (completely rad), Struggle Skateboard's'Vacation' deck thrashes 5
stars. Ooh La La!

Randall Radic is a former Old Catholic priest. He also holds a Master of Theology, from Trinity Seminary, a Doctorate of Theology
from Trinity Seminary,Th.D., and a Doctorate of Sacred Theology, S.T.D. from Agape Seminary.

After a midlife crisis, he spent some time behind bars. Now, Radic He is the writer of Gone To Hell: True Crimes of America's
Clergy (ECW Press/ Oct 2009), and A Priest at Hell: Gangs, Murderers and Snitching at a California Jail. Randall Radic Writes the
2012 EXPOSED series exclusively for Basil & Spice.

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