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Note biografiche Happy birthday images The most competent scientists from various fields and from all parts of the world were on the road, the first experts had already arrived and worked feverishly on the elucidation of the enigmatic phenomenon. birthday images As if by a miracle, all the media had kept the coverage until the exchanges were closed on Wall Street.

When Elfriede Wohlfahrt opened her eyes in the early afternoon of the next day, she could not at first explain why her daughter Christina was sitting on her bedside. She was still very dazed and so it took a while until she had arranged the puzzle in her head. Elfriede Wohlfahrt closed his eyes, laid his hands flat on his face, and pressed his fingertips tightly on his eyelids. Then she took a deep breath and thought, 'Elfriede Wohlfahrt, you are a strong woman. No matter what comes, you'll get through it. ' Then she straightened up and said, "Chris, my dear, go and cook us a strong coffee. Happy birthday images.

She still had the bra since yesterday and there was no fresh white cotton underpants. She sat on the edge of the bed, put her feet in the slippers and stretched her upper body. Then she got up, ran with both thumbs under the rubber of her underpants, pulled him a little forward, turned her thumbs in a quick movement outwards and let the rubber fast on their bacon rolls. Then she stepped resolutely to the large mirror, admiring her lush feminine curves. The terrible grass-green hair did not pay any attention to her Happy birthday images.

Then she pulled the dark blue apron over and went to the toilet. Before she got up and pushed the flush down, she muttered, "Elfriede, you stand by! When Elfriede Wohlfahrt entered the kitchen, she stopped short, closed her eyes and sucked the aroma of the freshly cooked coffee into her nose. Then she sat down at the massive table. "My good Christina, let us eat and drink in peace, this is the most important thing now, after which you can tell me what happened. Happy birthday images.

When Elfriede Wohlfahrt was full, she burped softly, stretched her upper body, bent her back deep, grabbed her firm breasts with both hands, closed her eyes and breathed deeply. With a loud "Puuuhhh!" she dropped her limbs relaxed, sat down comfortably, breathed deeply again, and said, "Well, my child, and now tell me what happened in the last twenty-four hours. What Christina had to report was not quite as bad as feared. birthday images A few hours ago, all media had come to an all-clear. There were no signs of a terrorist attack. A terrorist background could be excluded with almost absolute certainty. Happy birthday images.

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