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Wholesale Sexy Halloween Costume For Women

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12 tips to consider, halloween costumes outlet when choosing your perfect custom Pro Cheer/Dance Tryout or Audition Apparel


Beauty is always in the eye wholesale halloween costumes of the beholder. You've heard that before, right? How about with Try-Out or Audition outfits? Because everyone has a different idea of ‘beauty' or what might be the ‘perfect' audition outfit, there are no 100% right or wrong answers to this question.

Just as with talent shows on television, where you have 3 or more judges, you may get 3 or more opinions of how the contestant danced or sang or performed their talent. You will also get 3 or 4 different opinions as to how they looked in their costume, as well.

Here are some basics to consider,swimwear manufacturer helping you to decide what is the best design for YOUR ‘perfect' audition outfit!

The number one rule would be to be unique, and not wear something others are wearing, so consider custom-designed or customized solo cheerleading/dance costumes from Satin Stitches! Keep these 12 tips in mind:Check photos of past try-out events to see if what you have in mind will ‘fit in', or ‘stand out' in a bad way.Don't let your outfit overpower you. You want to be noticed for YOU, not your outfit. You want to hear the compliment ‘You look nice in your costume' rather than ‘I like your costume'.Always choose a color that is flattering for you. If you are old enough to try-out for a professional dance or cheer team, you are old enough to know what colors look great on you.You should also be aware of your body enough to realize what your best features are, and what features you'd like to not emphasize.Choose a costume style that reflects your personality. If you are a ‘girly-girl', ruffles and/or lots of glitz should be a must. If you prefer bright, tailored clothing, your audition costume could be color-blocked or feature tailored details. Your outfit should really showcase your style.Your costume should have great visual ‘flow'. Your audience should zero in on your face and upper bodice, and then gently follow down your body and costume to get the over all effect. Your main focal point should point to your lovely face (with your fabulous makeup and great hair) and secondary focal points should accent the best features on your body.Watch out for design features that might be covered up by your hair. Your hair might get caught, and paying for design features that aren't seen, makes no sense.Remember overall design ‘rules': less is more, 1/3 to 2/3 proportion, diagonal lines are always more flattering than horizontal lines, and combine colors of equal intensity. Can you ever have too much glitz? (Yes, you can, so edit your rhinestone embellishment!)You will be giving a 3-dimensional performance, so your costume should look great from all views, with the most sparkle on the front.Make sure your costume is comfortable and fits well, allowing you to move anyway you wish – you don't want it restrictive. You also don't want to spend any time worrying if something will ‘ride up' or shift out of place.Your costume should not allow your undergarments to show. This depends on good design, quality of construction and the right choice of undergarments. You don't want errant straps, panty lines or bust pads peeking out. By the same token, underwear SHOULD be worn to suppress jiggling, ‘camel toe' and an immodest view of your derriere. A proper panty and supportive bra will do wonders for these ‘no-no's'.Make sure your costume is clean and wrinkle-free. You will be sweating, so if you start out clean and fresh, your costume will hold up better than if it starts out limp and dingy.

At Satin Stitches, we custom-create unique costumes of all types: hand-crafted from scratch, or peruse our new Web Store with customizable Pro Dance tops, shorts and skirts that will fit your style and personality!

If you wish advice on what style would be best for you, contact our professional design staff.

If you are unsure of color combinations for your custom order, order a sketch where we will fill in the colors you are considering, to ‘see' before we cut and sew your custom dance/cheer costume.

© Deborah J. Nelson/Satin Stitches Ltd.

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