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The porn industry would at least keep her safe from STDs

da Cora Davide (2017-09-05)

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I find it ridiculous of how much of the junk (meaning porn) is on the internet… And yet those people in the porn industry make MORE money than an average working citizen who is in a DECENT job! I mean that’s just sad and its not fair on everyone else. I think porn is degrading, stupid and in some circumstances wrong… Yet the politicians are happy to tolerate such a high percentage of it over the internet which makes it easier for young children to accidently access it and be exposed to it at an early age – That’s what disappoints me the most. Eventhough it doesn’t effect me personally (because it has no space my daily life for making Pompini ) it would be nice to see some changes being done to it, e.g. put more restriction on it or something before it eventually gets out of hand.

“Even the LA Public Health Department shows they’ve been monitoring and they came up with thousands and thousands of chlamydia and gonorrhea. They’re the highest group in California to have that many STDs. So when people click , they’re contributing to sex trafficking, they’re contributing to STDs, they’re contributing to people who are mostly alcohol to drug addicts. Now I’m speaking of the majority. Not every porn star’s a drug addict, but the majority of them are. And I can’t tell you, when I went through recovery, I had PTSD. I had all kinds of disorders, serious traumas.”

Regarding the second point, you might think that given the content, the people in charge would be the stereotypical drugged-out party animals like you see in the movies. Nothing could be further from the truth. They treated their content like you might treat couch cushions or blenders – it was all just product. They wore suits, had wives and kids, worked hard, and took it all very seriously.

Take, for example, a study done in 2007 by Robert Wosnitzer, Ana Bridges, and Michelle Chang. They looked at the 50 top selling adult DVDs (as published by Adult Video News). After analyzing the scenes in these films, they found 3,376 acts of verbal or physical aggression—that’s an act of aggression every minute and a half or so. In 73% of instances, men were the aggressors, and when women were the aggressors, most of the time they were being aggressive to another woman. Clearly, there is a premium in these films on women being depicted as tools for male pleasure. (Learn more in my e-book, Your Brain on Porn). It is degrading and dehumanizing. It is eroticized violence.

I don’t get those who strongly say bad things about God. Those who contract STDs and all that crap put themselves in those situations, God never asked them to. He will only help you if you go to Him. He’s always waiting for you, never forces His help unto people. And all those with huge mouths should watch what they say. God is Real today, tomorrow and forever no matter how much you don’t want Him to be.

For starters, Lubben had assumed that unlike in prostitution, where many of the johns didn’t want to use condoms, the porn industry would at least keep her safe from STDs. It didn’t—and that’s because, as Lubben tells it, the entire porn industry is rife with them.

Victim? Tell me about the gun that was put to your head every time you drank and doped your way through this life; tell me about how awful and guilty you felt going to the bank, spending the money you were earning. If you were victomised, how many times did you call the police? There should be a crapload of police reports on file, if you were being victimized. You made bad choices, didn’t want to own up to it, and so blame the industry (and others and other stuff — whoever and whatever they are –) for YOUR mistakes. I’m no porn-advocate, but porn, is a victimless crime. Like every other trade, its supply is in direct proportion to its demand. A better strategy would be to walk away, move on with your life and celebrate the change. It’s great that you walked away, but you were not in prison, nor forced into anything. The reality is, like most porn actors, you used your body to make cash. Period. You also knew it was VERY risky, but did it anyway. and if you didn’t you were braindead, which I doubt. You signed contracts, and performed a “service.” Morlalizing about it after the fact cannot mask that. All of us have walked on the dark side in moments of desperation. (including me.) But it takes determination (and a shitload of rationalizations) to stay in that life. You stayed. Now you’re not “there” any more. All you did was leave the business. At most that makes you an ex-hooker. So what? You want glory and fame? Do something glorious and become famous like Video Porno Amatoriali.

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