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"leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna" (2017-08-25)

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DWTS long gown dress Season 17: Semi-Finals Costume Critique I wasn't able to find a full-length front photo to show the asymmetrical closure on Derek's vest, but trust me, it was there, and I enjoyed it! The large fishnet mesh fabric used as an overlay on Amber's corset-looking bodice added some pizazz! And the costume department did a nice job of molding her white, non-stretch gored skirt to her very curvy body, keeping it smooth and sleek and with enough ease for dancing. This chiffon skirt had several fish-lined layers with purposely, uneven hems.

Parting swimwear manufacturer is such sweet sorrow…and it's nice to see those that are eliminated, acting really classy about being voted off. And really, Bill knows he is not a better dancer than Leah, or Elizabeth and perhaps even a couple of others whose time was cut short. But he is certainly a hit with the viewers.

The routines on Dancing costume manufacturer With the Stars are so fun to watch BESIDES the costuming, this season, don't you think? The finale should be incredible!

Leah and Tony's last night started out incredibly costumed! Their judge's scores weren't fancy, but I LOVED their Paso Doble costuming! Black and white or black and red is very traditional for this dance, so I thoroughly enjoyed what appeared on my television monitor as eggplant or aubergine with black. Leah's liquid foil circle skirt, along with her embellished black lace trim and black fishnet, gave a dark edginess to her sexy-classy costume. Tony was equally edgy and dapper in his matching aubergine vest with the same embellished black lace trim, coordinated with a black shirt and pant. Perfection!

There was also an edge to this couple's Argentine Tango, with Leah sporting a violin on her back for Tony to ‘play'. Her dress seemed a beige/coral on my television screen, but in looking at the photos, it looked more beige. It was encrusted with several colors of rhinestones, creating a beautiful texture, and the off-set skirt slit, outlined with black lace, was edgy and classy. It was a really unique dress. Tony wore the "new and edgy" (OK, I'm seeing it everywhere, not so "edgy"!) upturned lapels on his black vest with his more traditional ensemble pieces. This couple-costume was almost as fabulous as their first.

Slotted next, were Cobin and Karina, starting their Tango routine wearing matching hoodedcapes. I'm usually not a fan of using simple poncho/capes to expose ‘the big reveal' (I find it a bit hokey, but their costumes under these capes were superb. Corbin's leather (look?) sleeveless jacket and pant were decorated with possibly painted-on flames on the mid-section of his 2-piece costume. Now THIS I admit, is somewhat edgy. I loved the masculine shoulder stitching detail, and of course leather on macho male dancers is really exciting (if you know what I mean)! Karina's red gown with arts-n-crafts flames decorating her deep ‘V' neckline was perfect. Her open back was beautiful and her double-georgette, flared skirt flowed wonderfully.

I did NOT enjoy their second set of costumes. Karina's dress was just plain ugly and didn't enhance her lithe body at all. It was just not something I picture on Karina, and the light blue, mullet charmeuse skirt was totally under-whelming. The rhinestoned, lace bodice was pretty pitiful and there was something really disturbing about the nude elastic straps. It was such a let-down from her first costume. Corbin took off another over-garment and ‘wha-lah' (yes I know this is the ‘urban' spelling) – a bare chest with high-rise satin trousers was revealed. Ho-hum… After rating their first costumes as 9.5, these rate about a 6, for me.

Another low rating from me, goes to Jack for BOTH of his outfits, but they were a half-step up from Corbin and Karina's second act. And, really, Jack looked a little better than he usually does. The traditional tuxedo shirt with rolled up sleeves, untucked and with an un-tied bow tie – well, most ballroom dance guys have that costume in their closet. Would I consider it a ‘Jazz' costume – not really. His second outfit included his weird sleeveless jacket over a matched color shirt. Yes, black is slimming…and the ‘pop' of red pocket square and tie added a tiny spark to his ensemble.

Cheryl's Jazz costume was a lovely bright green satin, saloon-girl costume with black beadedfringe and lace. Her corset look was flattering with great diagonal lines to the design, with nude elastic straps that were functional and visually invisible (they didn't cause parts of her costume to look like they were magically floating on her body). Her necklace and lace gloves were the perfect accessories for her costume. Cheryl's encore costume for their Argentine Tango routine was just weird. I didn't find any good photos of the front or back bodice – but the design is seared into my brain! The front included an asymmetrical nude mesh section that meandered down to – just to the left of her naughty bits and slid into a very high slit, with about 2" of non-mesh (some sort of decoration?) right to the left of ‘right there'. Then, there was a similar asymmetrical wandering nude-mesh area on the back. It really reminded me of a character's costume in ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas'…hummmm. In any case, the bright red dress was attractive EXCEPT for these bodice details, along with some weird straps, which just made the dress very odd!

Next, were season favorites, Bill and Emma doing the Cha Cha. Bill wore a comedic costume of garish proportions. It was not attractive, but I'm guessing it was not meant to be. Emma was cute in what looked like, a NFL or NBA audition/try-out ensemble that was attractive, but moderately garish, for the comedy effect.

I was relieved to see Bill in a manly, traditional tuxedo outfit for their Argentine Tango, but I was a bit unnerved to see so much skin under Emma's black mesh catsuit with slight sections of beading and beaded fringe creating a loin cloth and bra-top. It seemed rather naked, don't you think? Bill was classy and dapper and Emma wasn't trashy, but classy.

Amber and Derek channeled Bob Fosse with their white accents on their black costumes, anddid it well. Their requisite white gloves were rhinestoned for Amber. I absolutely LOVED her bedazzled collar and neckline accent, along with her cuffs and gloves. And Derek's white studded collar, front band and cuffs could be incorporated in any guys' costume to emulate something jazzy. Even though Amber is ‘a woman of size', her corset and fringed peplum, and leggings looked great on her. The combination of matte and shiny finishes enhanced her youthful attire. I nearly LOVED these costumes (I scored them with matching 9's).

This couple's encore dance, for their Viennese Waltz did not have as visually exciting costumes as their initial performance, but I liked them and rated them each an 8. They were more traditional, yet kept youthful.

Next week – THE FINALS! As usual, it should be a really fun display of dancing, singing guests and great costumes!

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