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TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development AA_AccessibleArchaeology. Environmental accessibility as a key to enhance cultural heritage Abstract   PDF
Christina Conti, Ilaria Garofolo
TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development Accessibility as a “Key Enabling Knowledge” to Human Development: the Accessibility Plan Abstract   PDF
Antonio Laurìa
TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development Actions and tools for the conservation and valorisation of rural architecture and landscape Abstract   PDF
Daniela Bosia, Lorenzo Savio
TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development Active façade component integrated into the building: from the study to the innovative prototype Abstract   PDF
Andrea Levra Levron, Valentino Manni, Gabriella Peretti, Francesca Thiebat
TECHNE 15 (2018): Architectural resilience Adaptive exoskeleton systems for the resilience of the built environment Abstract   PDF
Oscar Eugenio Bellini, Alessandra Marini, Chiara Passoni
TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation Adaptive technologies and co-design strategies for historic spaces rehabilitation Abstract   PDF
Jacopo Gaspari, Andrea Boeri, Valentina Gianfrate, Danila Longo
TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation Age-friendly cities: public and private space Abstract   PDF
Daniela Bosia, Yu Zhang, Francesca Thiebat, Lorenzo Savio
TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration Aldo Bonomi, Roberto Masiero: Dalla smart city alla smart land Details   PDF
Barbara Melis
TECHNE 13 (2017): Theories Practice Design A Lean Approach to Enable Sustainability in the Built Environment through BIM Abstract   PDF
Sebastiano Maltese, Nicola Moretti, Fulvio Re Cecconi, Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini, John M. Kamara
TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency Alessandro Carfi, Editorial interview Details   PDF
TECHNE 5 (2013): Environment emergency Alfredo Simonetti, Interview by Francesca Giofré Details   PDF
Francesca Giofré
TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation American Design Activism Abstract   PDF
Renata Valente
TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration A multi-layer approach to urban re generation: energy efficiency and comfort condition optimization Abstract   PDF
Andrea Boeri, Jacopo Gaspari
TECHNE 11 (2016): Infrastructures A multi methodological model for supporting the economic feasibility analysis for the renovation of the Valsesia railway sys-tem Abstract   PDF
Francesca Torrieri, Valentina Grigato, Alessandra Oppio
TECHNE 14 (2017): Architecture and social innovation Analysis of the flows and of the factors that impact the accessibility and identity of public spaces Abstract   PDF
Ilenia Maria Romano, Luca Marzi, Nicoletta Setola, Maria Chiara Torricelli
TECHNE 11 (2016): Infrastructures An applied research laboratory for technological innovation processes in building Abstract   PDF
Martino Milardi
TECHNE 12 (2016): Architecture Memory Contemporaneity An evaluation tool to support strategical evaluations for the reclamation and reuse of dismissed sites Abstract   PDF
Francesca Thiebat
TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration An up-close look at Urban Regeneration. Cultural approaches and applied strategies for the rebirth of cities Abstract   PDF
Eliana Cangelli
TECHNE 12 (2016): Architecture Memory Contemporaneity Application of biological growth risk models to the management of built heritage Abstract   PDF
Riccardo Paolini, Maryam Meshkin Kiya, Elisabetta Rosina, Lavinia C. Tagliabue, Enrico De Angelis
TECHNE 6 (2013): Quality and effectiveness of the building process Application of project risk management and performance indices in the construction sector: a case study Abstract   PDF
Andrea Ciaramella
TECHNE 15 (2018): Architectural resilience A rating system for building resilience Abstract   PDF
Fulvio Re Cecconi, Nicola Moretti, Sebastiano Maltese, Mario Claudio Dejaco, John M. Kamara, Oliver Heidrich
TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration Architectural and environmental retrofit of public social housing: opportunity for contemporary city. A case history in Rome Abstract   PDF
Spartaco Paris, Roberto Bianchi
TECHNE 1 (2011): Beyond the crisis Architectural design and production beyond the rule of art Abstract   PDF
Massimo Lauria, Francesca Giglio
TECHNE 2 (2011): Technological design Architectural design and technology in safety critical buildings: an applied research Abstract   PDF
Erminia Attaianese, Gabriella Duca
TECHNE 13 (2017): Theories Practice Design Architectural design in the era of technology Details   PDF
Herman Neuckermans
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