TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing

Table of Contents

Roberto Palumbo 8-10
Training for professionals engaged on the construction front: the SITdA commitment and the Agreement with ANCE and AFM Edilizia PDF
Maria Luisa Germanà 11-15


Why do research on the future of housing PDF
Maria Chiara Torricelli 16-17


Introduction to the articles on «Culture and political strategies of social housing» PDF
Ferdinando Terranova 18-20
Social Housing in the European Union PDF
Alice Pittini 21-34
Social Housing in times of crisis PDF
Anna Maria Pozzo 35-43
Eco-districts and Social Housing in Northern Europe PDF
Mario Losasso, Valeria D’Ambrosio 44-52
Social Housing in Great Britain. Brief reflections on an evolving system PDF
Loredana Giani 53-60
Between past and future: Social Housing in Serbia in the transitional process PDF
Francesca Giofrè, Ivana Miletić 61-73

Essays and Viewpoint

Social Housing for a new morphology of the city PDF
Anna Delera 74-78
Why enhance and upgrade the public housing assets PDF
Elisabetta Ginelli, Lucia Castiglioni 79-84
Regional Policies For Social Housing. An experience in Regione Calabria PDF
Corrado Trombetta, Maurizio Diano 85-91
Social Housing: the case of Parma PDF
Sonia Peron 92-96
New mediterranean elements in contemporary housing. The case of Barcelona PDF
Vincenzo Paolo Bagnato 97-102
New Isues In Singapore Public Housing From Elderly Perspective: case study PDF
Ruzica Bozovic Stamenovic 103-109
The social manager as the guarantor of sustainability in Social Housing interventions PDF
Maria Luisa Del Gatto, Giordana Ferri, Angela Silvia Pavesi 110-117
Facility Management in Social Housing: integration of Services for Management of College Student Housing as an opportunity for Supply Development in Italy PDF
Alberto Fecchio, Ernesto Casara 118-123
Social Housing: wood prefabrication techniques PDF
Tiziana Ferrante, Teresa Villani 124-131
Mass customization process for the Social Housing. Potentiality, critical points, research lines PDF
Michele Di Sivo, Filippo Angelucci 132-137
Production chain and innovative technologies for living PDF
Eugenio Arbizzani 138-144
New standards for new poverties. Ecosystemic strategies and governance of the chain PDF
Carola Clemente 145-152
Identity, Flexibility and Sustainability for the new Social Housing PDF
Cesare Sposito 153-159

Research & Experimentation

The construction of the Public City. Governance of Urban Processes and Transformation: the role of Social Housing PDF
Matteo Gambaro, Andrea Tartaglia 160-170
Urban renewal: strategies for high density residential suburbs regeneration PDF
Andrea Boeri, Danila Longo, Rossella Roversi 171-178
Between preservation and transformation. First considerations about the recovery of the peep districts in Parma PDF
Alessandra Gravante, Luca Gullì, Michele Zazzi 179-188
The meteor of the Neighbourhood Contracts through the case of the San Siro district in Milan PDF
Maria Fianchini 189-197
The case of Via Barzoni 11. ‘Tailored’ participatory planning of social housing PDF
Paolo Carli 198-206
The Architectural and Environmental Refurbishment of Industrialised Residential Construction. The example of the Selva Cafaro Quarter in Naples PDF
Massimo Perriccioli, Roberto Ruggiero 207-218
Social housing solutions for Rome PDF
Eliana Cangelli 219-229
A smart laboratory for the redevelopment of A.T.E.R. settlements in L'Aquila PDF
Maria Cristina Forlani 230-241
The flexibility for a sustainable Social Housing: the case of Preturo (AQ) PDF
Donatella Radogna 242-250
IU.R Residential Urban Interfaces. Strategies and tools for a renewal project PDF
Sabrina Borgianni 251-261
Housing and residences for university students. The experience of the programme 338/2000 PDF
Adolfo F. L. Baratta, Sandra Carlini 262-270
Private university accommodation: developmentscenarios and critical success factors PDF
Andrea Ciaramella, Maria Luisa Del Gatto 271-279
Social sustainability of visual accessibility’s project in domestic environments PDF
Christina Conti, Paola Barcarolo 280-288
Energy policy ambitions and allocation over investment types PDF
Nico Nieboer, Robert Kroese 289-297
The energy requalification of social housing in the Italian and dutch contexts PDF
Deborah Pennestrì 298-305
Densifying to upgrading: strategies for improving the social hosing built stock in Italy PDF
Ernesto Antonini, Jacopo Gaspari, Giulia Olivieri 306-314
The role of the outdoor space in the containment of the energy consumption of the building PDF
Michele Lepore, Fabrizio Chella 315-324
Search paths for the actions of energy retrofit and new quality of housing PDF
Martino Milardi 325-333
Energy retrofit via Social Housing: a proposal from Solar Decathlon PDF
Chiara Tonelli 334-342
Experimentation on Social housing between energy environmental efficiency and low cost PDF
Thomas Herzog, Alessandra Battisti, Fabrizio Tucci 343-354
Industrialised constructive systems for residential buildings: the CCCabita system PDF
Paolo Civiero 355-365
Solar retrofitting in social housing: a case study in Savona PDF
Andrea Giachetta 366-373

Network SITdA

Contributions from the Universities PDF


Italian summary PDF
English summary PDF
TECHNE 4 (2012): Social Housing PDF
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