TECHNE: Special Series Vol. 1

EUROPEAN PATHWAYS FOR THE SMART CITIES TO COME on behalf of EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the issue

Introduction PDF
Mario Losasso 5
Forward PDF
Paola Clerici Maestosi 6


Prologue PDF
Emilio Faroldi 7-8

Starting session

The role of the EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities in European Energy Research PDF
Brigitte Bach 9
Points of view on EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities PDF
Hans-Martin Neumann, Annemie Wyckmans 10-11


Towards a European vision for the Smart Cities to come PDF
Mauro Annunziato, Paola Clerici Maestosi 12-15
EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities: storyline, facts and figures PDF
Joint Programme on Smart Cities Scientifc Board for JPSC Special Issue 16-25
Toward the smart city and beyond PDF
Ernesto Antonini, Elena Mussinelli 26-27

Essays and Viewpoint

Urban densification and energy efficiency in Smart Cities - the VerGe project (Switzerland) PDF
Alessandra Barresi 28-32
Distributed Renewable and Interactive Energy Systems in Urban Environments PDF
Maurizio Sibilla, Esra Kurul 33-39
Pathways to ZEED PDF
Roberta Pinna, Ezilda Costanzo, Sabrina Romano 40-44
Energy retrofit of tower blocks in UK: making the case for an integrated approach PDF
Ornella Iuorio 45-48
Hybrid Building as Social and Energy Hub for Smart Cities: Unitè 2.0, a Prototype PDF
Luca Lanini, Eleona Barsanti 49-55
A minimum set of common principles for enabling Smart City Interoperability PDF
Angelo Frascella, Arianna Brutti, Nicola Gessa, Piero De Sabbata, Cristiano Novelli, Martin Burns, Vatsal Bhatt, Raffaele Ianniello, Linghao He 56-61
Regional Energy Transition (RET): how to improve the connection of praxis and theory? PDF
Barend van Engelenburg, Nienke Maas 62-67

Research & Experimentation

Towards energy optimized cities PDF
Ali Hainoun, Ghazal Etminan 68-72
Urban energy performance monitoring for Smart City decision support environments PDF
Massimiliano Condotta, Giovanni Borga 73-80
Urban energy assessment by means of simulation techniques PDF
Silvia Soutullo, Jose Antonio Ferrer, Maria del Rosario Heras 81-86
Linking future energy systems with heritage requalification in Smart Cities. On-going research and experimentation in the city of Trento (IT) PDF
Maria Beatrice Andreucci 87-91
Smart Urban Districts: Dynamic Energy Systems for synergic interactions between Building and City PDF
Fabrizio Tucci, Daniele Santucci, Elisabeth Endres, Gerhard Hausladen 92-102
Service design for smart energy management: simulation tools and energy maps PDF
Andrea Boeri, Jacopo Gaspari, Valentina Gianfrate, Danilo Longo 103-107
Smart city actions to support sustainable city development PDF
Kari Kankaala, Maarit Vehiläinen, Pellervo Matilainen, Pauli Välimäki 108-114
A new collaborative model for a holistic and sustainable metropolitan planning PDF
Edi Valpreda, Lorenzo Moretti, Maria Anna Segreto, Francesca Cappellaro, William Brunelli 115-120
The network construction of the “public city”. @22Barcelona: a smart neighbourhood in a Smart City PDF
Laura Ricci, Carmela Mariano 121-126
MedZEB: a new holistic approach for the deep energy retrofitting of residential buildings PDF
Marco Padula, Francesca Picenni, Roberto Malvezzi, Luca Laghi, José Manuel Salmeròn Lissén, Francisco José Sanchez de la Flor, Carolina Mateo-Cecilia, Laura Soto-Francés, Maragarita-Niki Assimakopoulos, Theoni Karlessi 127-133
The role of IPES social housing in the EU Sinfonia Project for a “Bolzano Smart City” PDF
Michela Toni, Maddalena Coccagna 13-140
Tools and techniques supporting new nZEB design methodologies in Mediterranean climate PDF
Alessandro Claudi de Saint Mihiel 141-149
Work on the informal city. Restoring the environmental balance of cities from their outskirts PDF
Eliana Cangelli 150-157
Smart Cities and Historical Heritage PDF
Giovanna Franco 158-165
The SELFIE façade system. From Smart Buildings to Smart grid PDF
Paola Gallo, Rosa Romano 166-172


Why Virtual Round Table PDF
Foreword PDF
Governamental Stakeholder Group. A dialogue between Paolo Civiero and Gunter Amesberger, Pasquale Capezzuto, Xavier Normand, Rasmus Reeh PDF
Research Stakeholder Group. A dialogue between Elena Guarneri and Luciano Martini, Daniela Velte, Mathias Noe, Isabelle Johanna Südmeyer, Myriam E. Gil Bardají, Laurens de Vries PDF
Design/Construction and Real Estate Stakeholder Group. A dialogue between Paolo Civiero and Eugen Pănescu, Daniele Russolillo, Graziella Roccella, Luca Talluri PDF
Social and Civil Stakeholder Group. A dialogue between Paola Clerici Maestosi and Margit Noll, Nikolaos Kontinakis PDF

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