Development of a curtain wall prototype with dynamic behaviour (SmartSkin)

Luca Guardigli, Francesco Della Fornace, Oscar Casadei, Fabio Frani, Luca Nicolini, Gian Marco Revel, Marco Arnesano


The paper presents a research project, derived from a collaboration between Universities, manufacturers and designers with international experience in curtain walls and HVAC systems. The research consisted in experimenting a technological solution for a building envelope with dynamic behaviour and high aesthetic value, which is able to respond to the influence of fixed and variable factors – internal and external – with respect to regulatory requirements and flexibility needs during the design and the operational phase. The goal is to reduce the embodied energy of the components, optimise the energy consumption during the use phase and limit the construction costs with the segmentation of the devices, the shrinkage of the floor height and the acceleration of the assembly process.


Dynamic curtain wall; Plug and play components; Integrated thermal machines; Adaptive; Smart

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