Virtuous processes: biocomposite roofing systems for territorial re-generation

Vittorio Fiore, Stefania De Medici, Carla Senia


The article illustrates the outcomes of FIR 2014 Research on the topic of sustainable development of the urban-industrial areas of Augusta and Siracusa – meant as a single hub. Hemp farming for soil phytodepuration allows to activate a multi-scale process of regeneration that introduces new production activities for the transformation of biomass into building bio-materials. The need for competitiveness led to draft a project about a new roofing system constituted by biocomposite slabs, using raw materials produced locally. This allows to reduce pollution, to increase jobs and to promote the renovation of the building stock thanks to low-cost components produced on site and compatible with construction systems belonging to the local tradition. 


Roofing slabs; Hemp-lime composites; Phytodepuration; Urban-industrial areas; Regeneration

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