Low Tech and unconventional materials. Measure, Time, Place

Francesca Giglio


The theme of the Temporariness, has fixed in recent decades references of great relief in the scientific debate, which has seen in unconventional materials – natural, reused, recycled – a field of experimentation still open in the Low Tech project. The housing response to disastrous events becomes, in particular, an opportunity of innovation for Low Tech design, which finds its roots in three main areas: socio-economic, disciplinary, design. Measure-Time-Place, three key issues in the evolution of the project’s disciplinary dynamics, become mean to analyze case studies, expression of a diversified concept of unconventional materials, wider and less delineated in comparison to the past, under different conditions, including emergency ones.


Material module; Temporariness; Identity; Unconventional materials; Low Tech

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Techne-22987

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