Building environments for an ageing society. Surveying tools and intervention strategies

Rossella Roversi, Fabrizio Cumo, Luca Gugliermetti, Elisa Pennacchia, Giorgio Pavan


Ageing populations represent a challenge which involves the social dimension of Architecture. The PRACTICE research project deals with the outlining of the interactions between built up environments and the quality of life of the elderly population with the aim to single out building strategies for effective integration. The paper deals with the partial results of the Research, which has reached its last year of activity. In particular, an assessment tool for the quality of life of the elderly is presented and two case studies: an NZEB project to be used for social housing and a proposal for the regeneration of existing buildings for co-housing, carried out by means of a participatory method.


ageing society; quality of life; social inclusion; universal accessibility; life-long housing

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