From design to management: a benchmarking process for the energy efficiency of buildings

Judit Kimpian, Paola Marrone, Lucia Martincigh, Dejan Mumovic


Environmental quality and energy efficiency are strategic objectives which can highlight the ‘effectiveness’ of design and technological choices, as well as the impact of management strategies and user behaviour. Studies show it is possible to narrow the gap between expected and actual energy consumption if technical performance, occupant behaviour, and management systems are considered together. In the United Kingdom, industries and universities have created ‘Carbon Buzz’ based on the principles of Evidence Based Design. Following on from this project, Rome Tre University, together with UCL and Aedas R&D, are developing a platform using structured data and comparisons to create a link between energy performance and CO2 emissions, and choices regarding design, technology, and management.


Environmental quality; Actual performance; Energy efficiency; Energy consumption; Benchmark

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