IU.R Residential Urban Interfaces. Strategies and tools for a renewal project

Sabrina Borgianni


In the contemporary city, quality of urban space is a key element in life quality and a driving force for the competitiveness. The increasing complexity of relationships and the evolving needs and use patterns reflect urban complexity in a corresponding physical space: the urban interface, an entity that mediates the sociospatial relationships between public and private sphere and that assumes strategic importance in redevelopment of suburbs. Research, carried out on a case ‘study project’, defines the criteria for a Residential Urban Interface approach as a tool for micro-urban redevelopment which merge into the proposed Project Plan, the metaproject field aimed at process design, space design and design of management and use scenario.


Public-private residential space, Microurban renewal, Living quality, Participatory design, Space-behavioural analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Techne-11525

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