Studi Slavistici XVI (2019) 1

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Kazane na pogrebe (Trebnik, Vilnius 1621) in the Context of the Catholic Funeral Sample Sermons Tradition PDF
Margarita Anatol'evna Korzo 5-22
Religious Identification through the Calendar: Kyivan and Moscow Great Feasts in the Late 18th Century PDF
Maksym Yaremenko 23-34
Solženicyn and Wisdom PDF
Giuseppe Ghini 35-47
Fissuring into Existence. The Visceral, Sculptural, and Textile-Textual in the Poetry of Maggie O’Sullivan and Nóra Ružičková PDF
Ivana Hostová 49-65
A.A. Potebnja’s Inner Form. An Excursus Starting from the Origins of Language PDF
Lidia Tripiccione 67-84
Coordinate-Subordinate Composite Sentences as Representatives of Inner-Grade Multi-Category Syncretism PDF
Liudmyla Volodymyrivna Shytyk 85-104

Thematic Block

“On the Crater of a Volcano”: V.A. Žukovskij and the Revolution of 1848 PDF
Dmitry Vladimirovich Dolgushin 107-124
Clerk or Heretic? The Problem of ‘Profession’ and ‘Life-Creation’ in the Nonfiction of Evgenij Zamjatin After 1917 PDF
Svetlana Nikolaevna Efimova 125-141
The Russian Catastrophe of 1917 and Bachtin’s ‘Great Time’ (M. Prišvin, V. Rozanov, A. Blok) PDF
Alexander Alexandrovich Medvedev 143-162
“The Breathlessness of History” in the Russian Poetry of the 1910s and Early 1920s: Toward the Question of Meaning in Jakobson’s Meta-Language Metaphor PDF
Natalia Alexandrovna Rogacheva 163-175
Lev Šestov: ‘Duality’ in Life and Thought at the Time of the Rift of the Socio-cultural Paradigm PDF
Olga Tabachnikova 177-201

Materials and Discussions

“You Won’t Make It, Poet...”. Some Notes on Michelangelo’s Seven Sonnets, Translated by Vjačeslav Ivanov PDF
Maria Candida Ghidini 205-215
Ora e Sempre, Or About the Current State of Ivanov Studies PDF
Svetlana Vladimirovna Fedotova 217-235
Veselovskiana 2016. The Contribution of “Rossijskie Propilei” PDF
Sergio Mazzanti 237-247
The Renaissance and Russian Modernism: Florence in the Artistic Experience of the Founders of the “World of Art” PDF
Ol'ga Anatol'evna Žukova 249-259
Forms of Intertextuality. From Quotation to Allusion PDF
Alice Bravin 261-276

Book reviews

Book Reviews PDF

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