Studi Slavistici XV, 2018, 2

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Natural Science Methods and Traditional Approaches in the Study of the 11th-Century Chludov Glagolitic Palimpsest (GIM, Chlud. 117). Preliminary Results PDF
Elena Vladimirovna Uchanova, Michail Nikolaevič Žižin, Aleksandr Viktorovič Andreev, Aleksej Anatol'evič Pojda 5-38
Where Are We in Europe? Two Literary Maps of the Continent in Renaissance Epic Poetry (Luís Vaz de Camões and Maciej Stryjkowski) PDF
Jakub Niedźwiedź 39-54
Praxis and Logos. The Archetype of Human Transformation in Słowacki and Norwid PDF
Marina Ciccarini 55-63
The Grzymała Lubański Affair PDF
Alessandro Cifariello 65-84

Thematic Block

The Position and Development of the Croatian Language from 1918 to 1945 PDF
Amir Kapetanović 87-103
The Victimization Narratives of “Russophile” Ruthenians and Their Lasting Influence on Socio-political Discourses PDF
Egor Lykov 105-124
Between Cry and Hope. World War I in Croatian Literary Avant-Garde PDF
Ivica Matičević 125-140
Volodymyr Vynnyčenko as Diarist, Historian and Writer. Literary Narratives of the “Ukrainian Revolution” PDF
Ulrich Schmid 141-154
Mr. Vynnyčenko’s Idle Hours of the Year 1918, or: The Art of Inoffensiveness (Panna Mara) PDF
Alfred Sproede 155-179
Bulgaria, Year 1918. Disappointments and Hopes PDF
Krassimir Stantchev 181-200
The Great War and Polish Memory. Architectural Forms of Commemoration and the Myth of a New State PDF
Wojciech Jan Szymański 201-215

Materials and Discussions

Greek-Slavic and Bulgarian. Typological Parallels with the Romance Languages PDF
Mario Enrietti 219-234
Strolling Around Central Europe. Histories, Philosophies and Literatures of ‘Mitteleuropa’. Book Review of Martin C. Putna, Obrazy z kulturních dějin Střední Evropy, Vyšehrad, Praha 2018. PDF
Andrea Trovesi 235-244
The Gulag and Poetics. The Prison Objective Correlative of Julija Panyševa PDF
Giuseppe Ghini 245-258
Conversation with Jurij Lotman PDF
Luigi Magarotto 259-266

Book reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Table of Contents PDF

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