Studi Slavistici XV, 2018, 1

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About the Varieties of Kirill Turovskij’s Homiletics: the Slovo po Pascě PDF
Francesca Romoli 5-27
The Linguistic and Literary Contact between East Slavs and Jews in the Middle Ages: Results and Perspectives of the Study PDF
Александр Грищенко 29-60
The ‘Demetrius Legend’ in Italy During the 17th Century PDF
Jacopo Doti 61-86
Principles of Quoting the Holy Scriptures in Works by 17th Century Ukrainian Authors: Approaching the Issue PDF
Larysa Dovga, Roman Kyselov 87-110
Schlözer and Karamzin. Struggle for Priority in Studying Russian Chronicles PDF
Alexander V. Maiorov 111-130
The Face and the Mask in Silver Age Culture PDF
Андрей Шишкин 131-151
Alexander Blok’s The Twelve between Russia and Italy PDF
Чезаре Дж. Де Микелис 153-164
The Paradigm of Antiquity. Lev Pumpjanskij and ‘Classicality’ PDF
Giuseppina Larocca 165-182
A Pilgrimage Through the Memory of the World by Danilo Kiš PDF
Vesna Vukićević-Janković 183-196
Olga Tokarczuk’s Anna In in the Tombs of the World: A Feminist Retelling of the Sumerian Myth of the Goddess Inanna PDF
Alessandro Amenta 197-216

Materials and Discussions

From Rome to Moscow: Sophia Palaiologina and the Greeks in Russia Between the End of the Middle Ages and the Beginning of the Modern Era. About the Recent Biography of T. Matasova (Moscow 2016) PDF
Marcello Garzaniti 219-226
We Had a Classic: Notes for Situating Predrag Matvejević PDF
Darko Suvin 227-241

Book reviews

Book Reviews PDF
J. A. Álvarez-Pedrosa Núñez (curatore e coordinatore), Fuentes para el estudio de la religión eslava precristiana, Libros Pórtico, Zaragoza (Spagna) 2017, pp. 505
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