Fissuring into Existence. The Visceral, Sculptural, and Textile-Textual in the Poetry of Maggie O’Sullivan and Nóra Ružičková

Ivana Hostová


The paper, written in the spirit of Badiouian comparatisme quand même (Apter 2006), concentrates on establishing a detailed comparative basis between the poetry of a uk-based poet, Maggie O’Sullivan, and a Slovak author Nóra Ružičková, written at approximately the same time. Despite belonging to different generations and being part of different culturally and geopolitically literary landscapes, the two poets treat the language and other media in an uncannily similar fashion. Their poetries come together not only in images of writing through the wounded body, but also in the way they carve the language to make it voice what it had been suppressing as well as in their explorations of the relationship between the text and textile.


Maggie O’Sullivan; Nóra Ružičková; Slovak Poetry; British Poetry; Radical Writing.

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