Natural Science Methods and Traditional Approaches in the Study of the 11th-Century Chludov Glagolitic Palimpsest (GIM, Chlud. 117). Preliminary Results

Elena Vladimirovna Uchanova, Michail Nikolaevič Žižin, Aleksandr Viktorovič Andreev, Aleksej Anatol'evič Pojda


The article is devoted to the new stage of the Chludov glagolitic and latin palimpsests from the study of a 14th-early 15thcentury manuscript (SHM, Chlud. 117). The method of a multispectral imaging and subsequent software processing of palimpsest digital images allows us to read four pages of this manuscript. They contain services of a small (selected) glagolitic Menaion of the 11thcentury, made in southwestern Bulgaria under the influence of south Italian Latin and Byzantine manuscripts. Unknown sticheras of old Bulgarian writers for the service of Michael the Archangel (8.11) were discovered and published. 


Glagolitic Palimpsest; 11th Century; Ancient Slavonic Worship; Menaion; Ochrid; South Italian Greek Scriptoriums; Slavonic Hymnography.

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