К текстологии Преславского полного апракоса

Анна Абрамовна Пичхадзе


The notion of the ‘Preslav redaction’ of the Church Slavonic Gospel, i. e. the full lectionary of the Preslav type, must be based on the distinctive readings shared by all the earliest manuscripts of this redaction. However, an analysis of places where the earliest manuscripts diverge is also necessary. This paper examines a number of such discrepancies and shows that at different points, the distribution of variant readings in the manuscripts differs. A particular group of manuscripts is singled out has having some readings resulting from correction against the Greek, but it is not clear whether these variants go back to the common source of the full lectionary of the Preslav type or have arisen due to a later revision. Interestingly, the same group provides evidence of the interventions of a Russian editor in the text. Textual discrepancies among manuscripts are characteristic not only of the Gospel manuscripts of the Preslav type, but of the Preslav redactions of the Church Slavonic Psalter and Apostolos as well. A comparative study of the Preslav redactions of the Gospel, Apostolos and Psalter could probably be beneficial for further investigation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Studi_Slavis-20436

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