История одного текста. Поучение об исповеди в составе виленских Полууставов XVII в.

Маргарита Анатольевна Корзо


The research presented examines the reconstruction of sources of an admonition to confession Nauka i priklady, which is found in two editions of the 17th Century Vilnius Poluustav: ca. 1637-1640 and ca. 1643-1644. A concise, written in ‘prosta mova’ text of admonition is organized a list of examples, which is designed to encourage the faithful to a more frequent, regular confession. A Polish-language collection of instructive and asthenic character Skarb duszny (Kraków 1582; 1594) served as a source of Nauka i priklady. The Polish text itself is a literal translation of Thesaurus pia-rum et Christianarum Institutionum in usum Catholicae iuventutis (Ingolstadt 1578; Dillinga 1583; 1591) composed by the Flemish Jesuit Franz Coster (1531-1619). The question of a translator from Latin into Polish, as well as of a translator from Polish into ‘prosta mova’ remains open; it is also difficult to explain why this admonition is not found in later editions of Poluustav.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Studi_Slavis-20420

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