L’invasione del neoliberismo nelle politiche educative e le possibilità di resistenza: uno sguardo dal Brasile

Roberto Leher, Paolo Vittoria, Vania Motta


The article presents, in a schematic way, the context of the conjuncture in which the new orientations for the education take place in Brazil. It discusses the main alternations in policies for basic and higher education in the context of the neoconservative offensive that leads to a process of intensification of the commodification of education amid political and economic crises. The possibilities of resistance at national ad international nevel. Possibilities of resistance unveiling the false neutrality of education.


partisan political conjuncture; Neoliberalism; Public policies of Brazilian education; Commodification of education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Studi_Formaz-20946

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