Percorsi al femminile. Famiglie ricongiunte e genitorialità migrante

Giada Prisco


For some decades immigration has been consolidating as an unavoidable theme of national and international public debate. Nowadays, migratory realities are increasingly taking the character of familiar migration. For this reason, when migratory paths are analyzed, specific attention must be paid to migrant families. Starting from an empirical research, this paper intends to propose a reflection on the phenomenon of immigrant families, focusing attention on the specific case of the Dominican family. After a brief excursus on the history of the Dominican family, the essay tries to analyze the situation of migrant families coming from the Caribbean republic, focusing on the mother-child relationship in immigration and on the restructuring of intrafamilial relations in the new context of arrival. On this basis, the essay aims to reflect on the reality of families in immigration, trying to identify adequate paths to support migrant parenting.


immigrant families; parenting support; migration; generations; Dominican Republic

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