Dall’immagine di un padre di “seconda generazione”, mito e poetica come chiave interpretativa e “cura”

Iohannes Ghirmai


Starting from elements deduced by our Ph.D. research, the essay is inspired by the personal idealisation of the father of a man belonging to a Eritrean “second generation”, who rescues his feelings idealising the few traces remained printed in his memories. The task of the article is to analyse some evolutional aspects of the paternal figure, resulting in a particular aspect known by some authors as “weakening”. This propocess is explained with the help of some myths, poetics, representations of the father and several theories. As pedagogical, therapeutic and hermeneutic elements of the relationship whith the father will be proposed some forms of canalization of the sensitivity: the Logos is replaced by mythical tales, fairy tales and movies.


second generation; myth; “weakening”; archetype-paradigm; movie

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/RIEF-24490

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