“Chi apprende da chi”: genitori e apprendimenti inter- e trans-generazionali. Il caso del Villaggio dei Bambini “Aprito”

Alessandra Romano, Mario Giampaolo


How can we conceive parental identity and what are its connections with parental functions? How do we construct, acquire and consolidate meaning perspectives of what means to be father and what means to be a mother? How to support processes of informal learning processes both in parents and children? These are some questions we will try to answer in the framework of the interpretative categories offered by the main theories of adult learning (Watkins, Marsick, 1999; Mezirow, 2003), and by the sociocostructivist matrix contributions on parental identity development (Fabbri, 2004, 2008). Finally, we will present a case study aimed to deep which settings and conditions can support informal learning within spaces and services conceived as expansive learning contexts (Engeström, 1987) addressed to families.


transformative learning; identity construction; informal learning; parents; case study

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/RIEF-23494

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