Voci narranti. Memorie e migrazioni familiari tra Otto e Novecento

Maura Di Giacinto


The most recent historical studies agreed on asserting that the history of the Italian emigration, despite the silence and the removal attempts, represents «one of the pillars of the national history» (Bevilacqua, De Clementi, Franzina, 2001, p. XI). In this context, the essay, through the interpretation of different sources (archive documentation, letters, autobiographies, life stories, papers), aims at retracing the private life as well as the relationships of Italian families that have migrated abroad, between the XIX and XX Century. Through the narration, the collected private stories can contain elements of common historical and social events, becoming an extraordinary tool to emerge feelings, moods, desire, pain, and nostalgia. 


migrant families; generations; educative models; memories; stories

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/RIEF-20971

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