Ageing, transnational families, and elderly care strategies: social interactions, welfare challenges and equitable well-being

Rosita Deluigi


The ageing process and the considerable longevity need constant care work, attentive to the possibilities and weaknesses of each subject. In Italy, the promotion of home-care, as a way of greater well-being for the elderly and his/her family, has generated new family models and migration processes. There are new educational challenges in transnational urban spaces and in multicultural contexts. This intertwining of families and generations outlines new social dynamics of inclusion and exclusion and requires the development of processes of awareness and support paths towards an “across the border” Welfare. Social policies, in close connection with economic and educational ones, must take in consideration the plurality and interdependence generated by global complexity and identify new viable ways to support the ageing <processes>. In our contribution, we will examine the connections between the elderly, families and migrant careworkers, analysing the ways of communication and interaction of transnational families.


ageing; care system; transnational families; technology and communication; welfare and well-being

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