La Riserva Naturale Orientata “Laghetti di Marinello” (Messina, Italia): strategie di conservazione attiva per la salvaguardia e la fruizione del paesaggio costiero

Aurora Fleres, Manuela Ronci, Ilda Vagge


The “Laghetti di Marinello” Nature Reserve is a small portion of territory that reveals many of the most peculiar features of Sicilian landscape. The fickleness of this place is strictly connected to human actions, that gave birth to this area and might probably lead it soon to an end. This work is focused on two different levels of analysis and planning. Firstly, a territorial enhancement plan was developed on a broad scale. Secondly, a more detailed project was created, featuring interventions of active conservation, to improve and protect the lagoon environment and the promontory above.


active conservation; landscape enhancement; Marinello; Sicily

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