La città e la costa: letture e interpretazioni per la pianificazione costiera di Bari

Francesca Calace, Valeria De Troia, Silvana Milella, Marialessia Pascetta


The critical considerations on Bari’s coast here presented stem from the attempt to address the topic of coastal planning under a holistic and landscape oriented approach. The thesis underlying this approach is that also in the context of the Municipal Coastal Plan tool, that considers only the management discipline of narrow state-owned coastal areas, it is possible to create a sustainable territorial project that addresses both environmental and socio-economic dynamics. This paper firstly presents a critical description of the regional normative and planning framework and it reports the coastal landscape history with relation to the period between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. After that, the paper reads the costal landscape as divided in “coastal contexts” and, finally, it defines some strategies for local coastal planning.


Coastal Plans; coastal urban landscape; integrated approach; Bari

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