Per una nuova cultura dell’Arno

Antonio Capestro


This work that relates to an intence work of study and research, made since 2004, is organized in three thematic phases to rebuild an Arno new vision, to be seen as a cultural, urban, social and naturalistic resource. Knoledge. Proposed by CASADELLARNO, an exhibition area realised in 2014 in the historical Parco delle Cascine in Florence, inside the Centro Visite at the Piazzale del Re meant as an interactive museum, to accommodate stories, projects, researches with the aim of knowing in order to recover an active relation with the Arno river and therefore be able to set up a scenary of proposals of the river system improvable over time. Sharing. Thematic meeting organized in 2015, by the CISDU (International Centre for Studies in Urban Design), where public and private subjects, administrators, stakeholders and experts, had the chance to tell ideas, proposals so as to rebuild a state of art on the Arno in order to amplify the knowledge gained and implant a process of reconfiguration of the river in an organic and shared view. Project. Work carried out among the Architecture Department of Florence from 2004 to 2016 that deepens the project aspects of the vocation of the river Arno meant as a place to be regenerated and generator of links between city and territory.


Arno; urban design; remembrance/innovation; strategies

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