The role of Poland’s primary sector in the development of the country’s bioeconomy

Nina Drejerska, Jarosław Gołębiewski


The main objective is to assess the role of the primary sector in the Polish economy as a prerequisite for development of the bioeconomy. Based on the data on the main suppliers of biomass, it can be clearly noticed that agriculture with its share of 76% plays an important role in biomass supply of the entire country. The share of the primary sector in GVA was used for spatial analyses for the period 2004-2012. Analyses conducted with the use of the global Moran I and local Moran statistics show that biomass production in Poland differs considerably by subregion – there are clusters of subregions where the primary sector plays an important role, and others where it has only a marginal character. These clusters cross regional administrative boundaries, justifying an interregional approach in strategic and policy planning, facilitating development of the bioeconomy in Poland.


bioeconomy; primary sector; region; spatial analysis; Poland

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