Determinant factors of dairy production in the productive agglomerate of Alto Paraguay

Dilamar Dallemole, Arturo Alejandro Zavala Zavala, José Ramos Pires Manso


The milk production in Mato Grosso State (Brazil) presents growth in most regions, and the Productive Agglomerate of the Alto Paraguay is the only space that obtained differentiated institutional support during the last decade, becoming a source for reflection on the current socio-economic condition of the milk producers. With an on-site research base and Multivariate Analysis basements, this study aims to define an underlying framework of the determinant factors for the activity’s development in the region. Results show a family activity in the limited stage, mostly in view of managerial problems. The productivity is low because the operational factors and the prices charged do not allow suitable investments to overcome these limitations.


milk; dairy livestock; production factors; Alto Paraguay agglomerate

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