AHBIM per l'analisi stratigrafica dell'architettura storica.

Stefano Brusaporci, Ilaria Trizio, Gianfranco Ruggeri, Pamela Maiezza, Alessandra Tata, Alessandro Giannangeli


According to potentialities given by BIM (Building Information Modeling) procedures, in the last 10 years many experimentations have been conducted on BIM application to Architectural Heritage (AHBIM). BIM software are tools for information computing and management of buildings in the three-dimensional space. Aim of the paper is to study how BIM models can favor architectural stratigraphic analysis. A workflow for 3D modeling of Stratigraphic Units of the Masonry is proposed; this three-dimensional representation can aid the documentation and the analysis of the construction phases. The case study is the church of St. Vittorino near L’Aquila (4th-12th-18th centuries), characterized by important modification and stratification processes. The church has been surveyed by laser-scanning and digital photogrammetry, consequently a dedicated BIM model has been realized for Stratigraphic Units study.


architectural heritage; BIM; stratigrapic analisis; surveying; laser scanning

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/RA-23463

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