Metodologie di rilievo integrato per indagini diagnostiche non invasive: la documentazione della moschea bianca di Al-Jazzar a San Giovanni d’Acri, Israele

Francesca Picchio


The White Mosque of Al-Jazzar is the biggest complex in Israel outside the city of Jerusalem. In the center of the fleeting state of coexistence between the Muslim community and the Jewish community, the complex,  part of the UNESCO protection area, is currently involved in a redevelopment project promoted by the Welfare Association and carried forward, in 2017, Experimental Laboratory of Education and Research DAda Lab (Drawing Architecture and Document-Action) of Pavia University and the University and Enterprise Joint Laboratory "Landscape Survey & Design" of the University of Florence and Pavia. The research activities has provided a digital survey of the complex and a diagnostic survey based on the relevant data and aimed at identifying any structural problems. The aim of the research is to create a databases useful for the diagnosis of the walls structural instabilities and to propose a masterplan of hypothesis for the restoration activities aimed also to the promotion of the architectural complex in the Cultural Heritage of the city of Acri.


Integrated survey; non-invasive diagnostic analysis; White Mosque of Al-Jazzar; San Giovanni d’Acri

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