Rilievo delle lastre tombali del Camposanto Monumentale di Piazza dei Miracoli a Pisa

Giovanni Pancani


The research is aimed at a new photogrammetric survey to tackle the restoration of the gravestones of the Pisa’s monumental cemetery. It is situated in “Piazza del Duomo” and it occupies the north side of the extensive complex. The architecture opens into the square with a large marble wall interrupted with a series of blind arches. Inside, the building is arranged around a cloister (110 x 20 meters), over which the four galleries are overlooked, that are the illustrious Pisan burials. The cemetery, built from 1277, was completed in the mid-14th century. During the Second World War, it was heavily bombed and it suffered a fire that caused massive damage. The survey was addressed to using a methodological approach aimed at integrating multiple data acquisition system. Through a 3D laser scanner, a metric-morphological basis was developed on which the subsequent processing was calibrated. A photo capture campaign has been conducted to meet two different types of needs. In the first, a 2D orthophoto was created calibrating the straightened photographic images on the point cloud. In the second a series of partial 3D Mesh models have been performed using Structure from Motion technologies (SFM), where for better evaluation of gravestones degradation it is possible to observe the morphology along with the color.


Photogrammetry; Structure from Motion (SfM); 3D survey; Camposanto of Pisa

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