Il Disegno per la ricostruzione di una storia. Il restauro virtuale del Monumento a Costanzo Ciano a Montenero di Livorno

Elena Ippoliti, Laura Carnevali, Fabio Lanfranchi


The study about the Monument devoted to Costanzo Ciano, one of the most symbolic elements of the fascist period, could be considered provocative in such an historical and cultural period signed by human prejudice, but going beyond the writers’ intentions, the aim of this research is to investigate this interesting and emblematic artistic episode of that cultural period. The interest is not only limited to the value of the lost ‘pieces’ belonged to the unfinished mosaic and still scattered on the national territory, but it’s also related to the great and interesting documentary evidences associated to the project. Methodologies framed in the Representation Discipline have been applied for document interpretation, with attention to the ‘virtual restoration’ as the only possible and effective methodology both to recover its formal completeness, as well as of communicate and divulgate it.


Virtual restoration; Representation; 3D Modeling; Costanzo Ciano; Gaetano Rapisardi

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